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Sulzbuerger Wappen
Catholic church "Mater Dolorosa"Protestant church "St. Michael"

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Sulzbuerg is located in the Upper Palatinate on the outskirts of the Franconian Jura.
The Upper Palatinate lies in Bavaria (and not in the Palatinate as often suspected).
Bavaria belongs (apparently) to Germany.

The following picture of this page shows a great panorama from the heart of Sulzbuerg (view from the Badberg). This villiage has almost 600 inhabitants at present and belongs to the municipality Muehlhausen. Sulzbuerg is lengthwisly located between the Schlossberg and the Badberg. Those are building a group of mountains together with the Galgenberg and the Schluepfelberg, which are located about 5 km west before the scenic hilly area in Franconia.
This certain location depicts a picturesque view to the sourrounding villiages, the Moeninger Berg and the Buchberg, after the district principal town Neumarkt, to the East and deep into the Jura and to the West to the Heidecker Schlossberg.

Enclosed you will find a number of links showing the churches and some other buildings. Lots of fun by searching and rummaging.

Thanks to Elke Frodl, who did the translation of this page.

Panorama of Sulzbuerg Catholic church "Mater Dolorosa"Protestant church "St. Michael"Protestant church "Zur Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit"Museum of local historyJewish cementeryInn "Zur Linde"Restaurant "Alte Post" (under reconstruction)WeilhausForsthausCafé EngelhardProtestant cementery